The board of directors

Noé is a registered charity and not-for-profit association, set up under the 1901 Act
As such, it comprises an Executive Committee as well as a Board of Directors of 5 to 20 members. 
  • The Board of Directors ensures the proper functioning of the Association. The directors work in a voluntary capacity and act in the best interests of the association. They are elected for 3 years. 

  • The Executive Committee is composed of members of the Board of Directors who are elected by the directors. It comprises a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer who are responsible for implementing decisions taken at the General Assembly. The Committee is also elected for 3 years. 

  • The President, with the support of the Board of Directors, formulates and coordinates the Association’s global strategy, supports the conservation programmes, supervises the Secretary General and Steering Committee, represents the Association at a high level and acts as spokesperson, dealing with the media, technical and financial partners, and various stakeholders. 

Executive Committee

  • Arnaud GRETH, President and Founder, biologist and veterinarian
  • Olivier PASCAL, Vice-President, botanist
  • Jean-François LAGROT, Secretary, veterinarian and journalist-reporter
  • Roseline BEUDELS, Treasurer, scientist at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

Board of Directors

  • David BRUGIERE, Biodiversity Project Director at BRL Ingénierie
  • Pierre CARRET, Grant Director at Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund
  • Arnaud COLLIN, Director of the Réserves Naturelles de France
  • Pierre COMMENVILLE, Director of the Ecrins National Park
  • Naïg COZANNET, French Development Agency
  • Jacques FÉVRIER, Veterinarian
  • Rémi GOUIN, Former President of Man and Nature
  • Thierry GOZLAN, Veterinarian, entrepreneur and activist for the defence of biodiversity
  • Jean-Paul PADDACK, WWF-International Network Director
  • Jean-Yves PIROT, Former Director of the GEF Programme, IUCN International
  • Bernard POIRETTE, Journalist at EUROPE 1
  • Jean-Christophe VIÉ, Conservation biologist and veterinarian, Director of the Franklinia Foundation