Cleaning campaign in the Divjaka Karvasta National Park (Albania)

The Karavasta Lagoon is the most important wetland in Albania for migratory birds. It provides suitable habitats for feeding, wintering, breeding and refuge. It is also one of the only habitats in Albania for the nesting and breeding of the Dalmatian Pelican (Pelecanus crispus). 
23 September 2021
The Karavasta lagoon is part of the list of wetlands of international importance of the Ramsar Convention.
Within the framework of the Dalmatian Pelican Conservation Project in the Balkans, Noé is involved in the restoration of the habitats of the Dalmatian Pelican, and in the promotion of sustainable tourism in the lagoon

Campaigns to clean the lagoon of waste are also regularly organized. The latest one took place at the end of August 2021.
These cleaning campaigns have a double objective: 
  • the cleaning of the lagoon and the depollution of the habitats of the Dalmatian pelicans, 
  • and the sensitization of the young people around the park.

About thirty young people from the towns on the outskirts of the national park were mobilized on August 31 for the collection of waste in the lagoon. This period corresponds to the end of the tourist season and many waste litter the national park.
The mobilization of young people has collected about fifty garbage bags in the dunes of the park.
Other cleaning operations will be organized by the end of the year.  
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